15 Customer Success Manager Questions to ask Interviewer

customer success manager questions to ask interviewer
customer success manager questions to ask interviewer

“Have you got any questions for me?”

You’ve come to the end of your customer success manager interview. For the most part, you think you’ve done OK. But the damned interviewer has asked that innocent question. You freeze… then relax. Because you will have read this blog post (maybe even printed it off!) and have no shortage of questions to ask them.

I intend for this post to be one that gets added to overtime, as I think of more questions or hear good ones that I’ll add. I’ll also try and organize it based on theme, but for the time being, it’ll be a splurge of a whole bunch of questions for you to pick and choose from.

How many you ask depends on how much time the interviewer has left you. I’d say at least one, to maybe three. So you’ve got to make the opportunity count (if they don’t leave you any time for questions, could be a red flag. They care more about finding someone who can do the job, rather than who you are as a person).

Anyway, let’s get into it!


  • “I can see that you’ve been here for [X years]. What about [company name] has taken you by surprise?”
  • “My intention is to grow in a company that nurtures its employees. What career advancement structures does [company name] have in place?”
  • “I don’t want to assume that I know everything about a role, it’s important for me to be aware of my blindspots. If I was to do one thing that would make me fail in this role, what would it be?”
  • “Why did the last person leave this position?”
  • “What is [the company’s] attitude towards working with other teams outside of formal projects, for the purposes of professional development?”

Regarding Customer Success

  • What sorts of current CRMs are currently in use to manage Customer Success Operations?
  • How much collaboration is there with other teams? e.g. do product teams often tag along for demos for the purposes of collecting research, or do they work separately?
  • Is the sales team a separate department, or does the CSM also own responsibilities for account management?
  • Is there a technical support team to deal with smaller issues, or is it in the CSM’s remit to also take care of these as well?
  • How big is the Customer Success team? In what ways can the team democratize information such that we are all aware of any advanced workflows/scenarios that can help us perform our roles better?

Regarding the Customers/Product

  • Have you achieved product-market fit yet? What’s the approach towards validating whether you’re moving towards or away from this?
  • Have you got a strong definition of the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) yet? What industries are they in?
  • How often are Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys performed? How does [company name] compare with the industry benchmark?
  • How much custom work is performed that’s separate from the main product?
  • What secondary products are in development to give opportunities to expand accounts?

Some of these questions might draw blank looks from your interviewers, so make sure to ask appropriate questions to the panel, i.e. ask customer/product questions to a CEO (if you get the chance to speak with them).

I’ll look to add to this over time, so make sure to check back later. Let me know how you go with these and whether it impresses your interviewers. Asking good questions can be the difference between getting an offer and not!

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