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customer success manager klaviyo

This blog is part of a series of posts exploring the different companies that have looked for or are currently looking for Customer Success Managers. Learn more about your potential employers, see if their values align with yours and whether you can see yourself working there. For this week, we’re changing industry and looking into the world of marketing automation. Say hello to Klaviyo.

Klaviyo – the SMS and email marketing automation platform

So do you know how some of your favorite shops sometimes send you text/SMS, talking about a promotion, new item that’s come in or special offer? That’s part of what Klaviyo does. It helps companies run campaigns that scale and help the company sell more with less effort.

There are also parts of it that allow it to personalize collateral to suit specific personas. For example, if tracking pick ups that someone is more likely to buy items at full price, it may highlight features over a discount, whereas if another customer has only ever bought at discount, they would go down a “discount route” and be shown campaigns where the money they save is in bold.

The Software Itself

There are two main modules that Klaviyo sells: email marketing and SMS/text marketing. Here are screenshots of both from their website:

customer success manager klaviyo email marketing

The email marketing module allows customers to:

  • send personalized emails that convert: the WYSIWYG drag-and-drop module lets you select how the campaigns should look like and can go through specific paths based on their browsing behavior,
  • drive repeat sales through automation: using browsing behavior, automatically push campaigns to cross- and up-sell to customers,
  • launch and test quickly with prebuilt campaigns: spend less time messing around with design and more time building winning campaigns with prebuilt templates.
customer success manager klaviyo sms marketing

The SMS Marketing module allows you to:

  • Personalized text campaigns: don’t blast out the same message to everyone. Klaviyo helps you send specific content to specific personas.
  • Text their number: you can specifically send a message to their device and get their attention where it’s directed to most: their phone.
  • Bring people who are sitting on the fence back: last thing you want is for people who aren’t committed to not buy. Get the sale with campaigns that convert.

Job Description Example

customer success manager klaviyo csm jd

The above is a screenshot from a CSM job out in Los Angeles, California. Let’s break it down in each of the bullet points:

  • gives you some sense of how many customers you’ll be managing. 50-60 mid- to high-touch customers sounds about right.
  • give advice to customers on how to increase revenue from the product,
  • standard onboarding procedure, getting customers in and using the product, eventually falling in love with it.
  • be proactive about finding risk and addressing it before it gets out of hand,
  • let customers know about new features,
  • work cross-collaboratively with product and engineering for new features,
  • resolve issues that customers are experiencing
  • speak plain language when communicating with customers,
  • document issues,
  • and of course, be someone fun to work with!

Why you should consider them

These are the values they stand for:

customer success manager klaviyo values

Do these resonate with you? If they do, keep and eye on them. Their next CSM opening might be near you!

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