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This blog is part of a series of posts exploring the different companies that have looked for or are currently looking for Customer Success Managers. Learn more about your potential employers, see if their values align with yours and whether you can see yourself working there. This week, we’re looking at one of the most recognisable CRM SaaS out there. This company has really made a name for itself over the last decade, starting as a small fish but is now well and truly a big player in the sales and marketing CRM arena: Hubspot.

Hubspot – the user-friendly sales and marketing CRM

Starting in 2006, Hubspot is a success story in the crowded CRM space. The way that they went about it is simple, but not easy: starting with SMEs, they built a delightful platform that helped them to track, manage and create value at every step along the marketing and sales customer life cycle.

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a tech company that’s not at least interacted with Hubspot. I’ve seen it being used in larger enterprises the likes of Oracle and even smaller start ups. It’s the de facto standard for improving the sales and marketing standards in tech companies the world over.

The Software Itself

While its original products were sales and marketing, it’s since branched out to include departments like Service, Content and Operations. I’ll focus on the OG offerings and content, but feel free to dive a bit deeper into each one if you’re curious.

customer success manager hubspot marketing hub
Hubspot Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub contains all the pieces to help conquer your marketing pipeline. Assign value to each step of the funnel, find out where you’re losing customers, identify opportunities to add more MQLs and automate processes.

customer success manager hubspot sales hub
Hubspot Sales Hub

Track the leads that come in, then the conversations that eventuate from each customer. If you need to follow up with customers, Hubspot Sales Hub will do the heavy lifting and send you reminders, as well as send your prospects information that they require to make the final decision.

customer success manager hubspot cms hub
Hubspot CMS Hub

Hubspot’s Content Management System (CMS) Hub is the beating heart of your tech website. Customers need to see case studies, testimonials, collateral and widgets so that they slowly can get more comfortable with the idea of buying from you. They need to trust that you are who you say you are. The CMS Hub can automate this so that you can go back to focusing on the real life conversations with customers.

Job Description Example

Hubspot is kicking huge goals; they’re hiring all the time. I was able to find this job listing for Sydney, Australia, that was only up last week. It had over 200 applications according to LinkedIn!

customer success manager hubspot job description

Let’s go through each of the dot points:

  • you hold the keys to the customer relationship and know how to make customers happy, as well as keeping them happy,
  • you can get deep into the organisations you look after through key stakeholders, across multiple teams.
  • you yourself become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Inbound Marketing and the trusted advisor to your customers,
  • help customers define their success and help them navigate your roadmap so they can get successful,
  • make sure that you can maintain revenue in your accounts, growing the accounts and renewing them,
  • get more people to use more features, growing revenue in this way as well,
  • monitor customer health and nip risk issues in the bud before they get worse,
  • work with the CS team to find new ways to scale and grow your customers’ use of Hubspot.

Why You Should Consider Hubspot

customer success manager hubspot company benefits

Hubspot looks after their employees. Every other day, I see the stories their employees share on LinkedIn. Outside looking in, it seems like a great place to be. Checking out this list 👆🏽, I would tend to agree.

Hubspot is a great company for a Customer Success Manager of any level to work in. They hire all around the world and have world-class training. If you do apply for a role there, say hi for me!

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