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Customer Success Manager Gainsight – All about dashboards, reports, data and operational excellence

For people who are entering the tech world, you’re busy enough trying to get your resume up to scratch, upskilling and applying for jobs. The number one thing I want for you is to find a company that makes you feel accomplished and values your experience and insights.

That’s why I’ll be starting a series of blog posts, looking into different companies that are looking for Customer Success Managers. My hope is that through these posts you will not only learn more about what these companies are looking for, but to also discover what they value and whether it aligns with what you care about.

Gainsight – The Customer Success Management Company

To kick this series off, I thought I’d start with the OG, Gainsight. When I started my Customer Success Management journey, I hadn’t heard of it. Today, I can’t imagine working without it.

Gainsight is the SaaS of choice when it comes to managing a large CS operation. Their web-based application helps you organize your day-to-day job, giving you notifications, which they call Calls To Action, to know when you should be following up with them. No more will you have to mark reminders in your calendar to follow up with your customer in 30 days, Gainsight does this for you.

The Software Itself

An example of a Home Page Dashboard

Whether you work as a CSM in a different company or in Gainsight itself, there’s a high chance that you’ll get used to seeing the above type screenshots. Gainsight is one of those companies that practices “dogfooding”, that is, using their own software that they develop.

Job Description Example

The following job description excerpt is from one of their products, InSided, a product that they acquired in 2022. Visit their careers page to learn what roles they’re currently looking for.

Desired skills and expertise

  • Self-driven and a structured personality, you can work independently and have a motivation to always learn more
  • The ideal candidate would have some knowledge of web technology, and web applications/hosting technologies; experience with HTML/CSS/JS and APIs
  • Experience with support ticketing systems and/or the providing of technical customer support is preferred
  • Ability to work on multiple ongoing items at once
  • Good level of English is important – you can communicate well and fluently on various levels with end-users, project managers and business owners as we are an international team with colleagues all the way from Brazil to India.
  • Strong writing skills and experience writing documentation is desired
  • Self-discipline and motivation to produce results with minimal supervision

Let’s go through each of the dot points:

  • you are focused on self-improvement and don’t need handholding,
  • you at least have an awareness of web technology, elementary experience in HTML/CSS/JS is favorable,
  • you know how support ticketing systems work,
  • you can multitask,
  • you can speak English and can communicate effectively with people all around the world,
  • you can write at a professional level,
  • again, you are self-motivated and don’t need to be managed all the time.

This is a great role for an entry level CSM. It feels more like a tech support role but on paper, in Gainsight’s eyes, you are a Customer Success Engineer. You could hardly go wrong choosing a better place to learn about CS.

What They Care About

Gainsight isn’t just focused on software. They care about Customer Success excellence in general. Giving a quick Google and you’ll see there are pages upon pages of articles, think pieces, blogs and content to train people up on best practices of Customer Success. They are also a stronger CS hirer in the industry worldwide. If you are able to get your foot in the door at Gainsight, it will be looked upon favorably by companies looking for CS talent.

If you’re interested in getting into the world of tech Customer Success, Gainsight will set you up for success. Have any questions about the software or the company? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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