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This blog is part of a series of posts exploring the different companies that have looked for or are currently looking for Customer Success Managers. Learn more about your potential employers, see if their values align with yours and whether you can see yourself working there. Staying on the theme of cloud SaaS, we’re going to explore a company called Datadog.

Datadog provides cloud-scale monitoring and security for metrics, traces and logs in one unified platform.

Datadog is all about observability and seeing just how your server-based services perform and operate. The two founders, Olivier Pomel and Alexis Lê-Quôc, founded the company in 2010 to address the friction they experienced working in system admin and developer teams.

Since it raised a Seed round, it’s gone on to raise a Series A, B, C and D before finally going public on the NASDAQ in 2019. As of writing this blog post, it’s currently trading at around $75 USD a share.

The Software Itself

Here are a few of their key product screenshots, taken straight from the Datadog website:

customer success manager datadog, infrastructure visibility
Infrastructure Visibility
customer success manager datadog, centralized logs
Logs centralized and able to be queried in a single language
customer success manager datadog, user journey visibility
Visibility into user journeys and their performance in web and mobile applications

Like a lot of great SaaS companies, they solved a tough problem, focusing on strong UX and UI that was intuitive to use for anyone. People didn’t want to get caught up in learning how to use something and just wanted to start using it from Day 1.

Job Description Example

Even if you focus entirely on a pleasant UX, the more complex the problem that’s attempted to be solved, the greater the need for CSMs. Doing a quick search on LinkedIn showed a listing for a Customer Success Manager job in Sydney, Australia.

customer success manager datadog, CSM role
This is an excerpt for a CSM job listing at Datadog in Sydney, Australia

Let’s go through each of the dot points:

  • Like most good well-oiled CS systems, the focus in on the handover between sales and CS. You own the post-sale process and make sure to give your customer white glove treatment.
  • For existing customers, you will try to upsell Datadog’s offerings (this is a point I don’t agree with as much, CSMs should focus on delivering value in the product, not selling)
  • Building loyalty to Datadog is critical, as they want to keep their customers in their books for as long as possible. Ideally forever.
  • Identifying growth opportunities and handing then back to the sales team is part and parcel of being a CSM. This comes from building trust with your customer and getting them to open up to you and share what else they’re working on, etc.
  • You act as the SME to help customers for any questions they might have about getting value out of the product,
  • Tapping into analytics and usage, you can spot unhealthy customer behavior from a mile away and nip it into the bud before it flourishes into potential churn (not becoming a customer anymore),
  • Collaboration with other departments in Datadog to help them solve problems too, i.e. creating feature requests for product to explain what features customers actually care about.

What they offer

Unlike other companies, they’re not shy about what they give you as an employee:

customer success manager datadog, company benefits

Not bad at all, especially that they give you unlimited time off!

Like a few of the other companies I’ve reviewed, Datadog would be a good fit for people who, like the founders, come from developer or system ops fields and want a change of scenery. Or, if you’re keen for a challenge, throw your hat in the ring if you have any customer-facing experience. Tech companies are often open to new perspectives and you could be their next great hire. Go for it!

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