Customer Success Manager Company Review – Canva

This blog is part of a series of posts exploring the different companies that have looked for or are currently looking for CS talent. Learn more about your potential employers, see if their values align with yours and whether you can see yourself working there. I’m pleased to introduce one of the more well known Aussie tech companies out there: Canva.

Canva – Making Design Accessible to Everyone

I first used Canva when it wasn’t as big as it was. I needed a platform that allowed me to make decent graphics without having to invest in something like Photoshop. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across it. But since those days, I’ve used it to design:

  • brochures,
  • resumes,
  • case studies,
  • logos,
  • banners,

It appeals to those who aren’t design savvy (like me) and they’ve started ramping up their offering to Business-to-Business (B2B) customers. That’s where Customer Success Managers come in, but more on that later.

The Software Itself

They are only able to scale to the level they’re at because they’re in the cloud, that is, you don’t have to install anything on your computer. Simply log in, create an account and away you go.

Once you’re in, you can choose from a range of different templates for things you’re trying to design. You can mix and match things, import your own images, resize, change colours, save as PDF, share with other people and more, all with a free account.

A paid account typically aligns with you being in a corporate environment and using Canva more on a day to day basis. Maybe you’re a marketing coordinator who’s doubling up as the designer on the side. You need to have folders to manage different projects, which is only available for paying members. Fancier templates, fonts and images are also available for paying members.

Job Description Example

I Googled “Customer Success Manager Canva” and found this old job description. Not sure if they’re still looking, but it gives a snapshot into what they expect of their CSMs:

Desired Skills and Expertise

  • Own the post first sale relationship with a customer, ensuring we’ve identified the value outcomes the customer is looking to achieve and enabled a strategic change plan to ensure we’re meeting those outcomes
  • You will provide your customers best practices in how to connect the customer’s value outcomes to ways in which the product can achieve them
  • You will develop new and existing relationships across your customers to ensure we’ve strengthened our partnership and created new advocates
  • Account growth: identify areas for growth within existing accounts and manage the renewal process
  • Best-in-class processes, practices, and efficiency: create, educate, experiment, and collaborate with senior leadership and our growing customer base with building team practices and playbooks for operating as a top SaaS business and solutions provider

Let’s go through each of the dot points:

  • pretty standard, sales will handover to you and you take over and build value for the customer.
  • the way that you build value is by showing them the best way to use Canva for their business,
  • you will meet new people across the organization and extend the reach of Canva that way.
  • you will facilitate the growth of the account, i.e. making them pay us more each year.
  • you will help improve internal and external processes.

What they’re offering

Perks they list are:

  • equity (options),
  • hybrid (flexible) work model,
  • inclusive parental leave policy,
  • Vibe & Thrive allowance, for you to spend on whatever makes you feel good,
  • wellness benefits,
  • donation matching.

Could you see yourself working there? Would you consider applying for them in the future? Keen to hear your thoughts!

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