Can you Become a Customer Success Manager in the APAC Region?

customer success manager apac
customer success manager APAC region – Japan

Wherever there are complex problems, there are also likely to be people trying to solve them. It’s possible that they would use software to solve these problems too. While the United States has the largest number of SaaS companies, there are regions that growing. In today’s blog post, I want to cover the region that I operate in: the Asia Pacific.

At the time of writing this blog post, I’m a Customer Success Engineer for a scale-up based out of Sydney, Australia. Most of my customers are based in Australia, but I have a sprinkling in New Zealand and some in the Philippines as well. The Asia Pacific – also known as the APAC – is a strategic business segment that tends to work well with Australia. A key reason for this is that the time zones work out quite well. Australian Eastern Standard Time, which encompasses the Eastern seaboard is usually two hours ahead of the Philippines, Japan and South-east Asia.

What sort of start-ups operate in the APAC region?

Let’s go traveling a little bit and explore different start ups and tech companies through the Asia Pacific and see what opportunities might come up for Customer Success Managers:

  • (Japan) Aidemy – This company provides an online education platform to help developers upskill in the complex world of programming artificial intelligence.
  • (Australia) CultureAmp – This is an employee experience platform that my company currently uses as well. At its core, it allows companies to send out surveys to its employees. It goes a step further, building insights and reports from the surveys that can help People & Culture make the right decisions to improve employee satisfaction and happiness.
  • (New Zealand) GeoOp – This company manages a suite of tools that help business manage different aspects of running their operations.
  • (Singapore) Apex Peak – Apex Peak is a P2P micro lending platform which helps ease cashflow for SMEs and multinationals beyond the traditional banking system. Borrowers receive money faster; 80% of the invoice is paid out immediately, with the remaining balance paid out within 120 days.
  • (Malaysia) Naluri Life – Naluri is a platform that helps organisations manage their employees’ wellbeing. Naluri improves employees’ health while managing the organisation’s healthcare costs.
  • (Philippines) Inteluck – Inteluck provides web-based software solutions for the logistics industry. Within its solution range, it has fleet tracking, vehicle management, and ePOD systems.

Final notes

Not all start ups in the APAC region will need Customer Success Managers, so it’s best to go through job boards and see what roles are being sought after. It’s also more likely that there are companies who are headquartered outside of the APAC region that are expanding into the area who need people based there (or within that time zone) to support their customers. Furthermore, there is a high chance that these roles are remote, since the main thing is that you operate within the time zone, while physical locality isn’t as important. What do you think of working in this region?

Are you already based in the APAC region, or someone who’s reading this from North America, Europe, or somewhere else entirely looking to make a big change? I’d love to hear your story and where you’re trying to go. 😃

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