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Customer Success Manager vs Customer Service Manager – What’s the Difference?

This particular comparison between Customer Success Manager and another similar role is close to my heart. This is because my foray into Customer Success started with me “transitioning” from a Customer/Client Service role into CS. I use big, fat talking marks because I never felt that I transitioned, as I was already working in software, […]

Being a Customer Success Manager in FinTech

Financial Technology, commonly shortened to FinTech, is by far one of the most popular tech growth areas of all industries. In fact, it’s projected to be worth $332.5 billion USD by 2028. Riding this wave of growth, there are numerous opportunities to get your foot in the door at a tech company as a Customer […]

Customer Success Manager vs Project Manager: What’s the Difference?

You’ve read my previous articles on Customer Success Manager vs. Product Manager and Customer Success Manager vs. Customer Relationship Manager. Today’s one addresses another common comparison, that being with the Project Manager role. Project Management is going to happen in virtually all organizations, as projects are what drive companies forward. Still, it’s worth asking what […]

Customer Success Manager vs. Product Manager: What’s the Difference?

As you’re thinking of moving into tech, you’re possibly scrolling through SEEK, or your preferred job site, wondering at what all these weird and wonderful job titles are. Customer Success Manager, you’re starting to have a better understanding of. This entire blog is all about it and how to get a role in it, […]

Being a Customer Success Manager in EdTech – How to Succeed

One of the industries that’s experiencing a surge in growth is Education Tech, commonly shortened to EdTech. It’s all about using technology and SaaS to improve the results that students can achieve. This is facilitated by helping teachers do more with less resources, helping students engage in novel and innovative ways and better tracking of […]

Customer Success Manager vs. Customer Relationship Manager: What’s the Difference?

You’ve been looking into different jobs, trying to find a new direction that might take you further in life. One of the roles you’ve been seeing pop up recently is a Customer Success Manager. You raise your eyebrows as you do research on it: work in tech, no hard skills required, able to transition from […]

How Do You Become a Customer Success Manager?

Before I started writing this blog today, I felt really tempted to just find that Yoda meme. You know the one where he says: Anyway, as with any attempts to pivot into a new career path, trying actually is important. If anything, it’s the biggest component. Believing that you are ready to become a Customer […]

Being a Customer Success Manager in HealthTech

I aspire to be a Customer Success Manager in HealthTech. I’ve always maintained an interest in this area. In university, I majored in Bioengineering Systems, but never actually got to work in the health tech sector. My university had active involvement in the Cochlear Ear Implant, Spray-On Skin to help burns victims recover quicker and […]

What Hard Skills Should Customer Success Managers Have?

A question I don’t hear very often – but is still quite valid – is what hard skills should a Customer Success Manager have? It’s generally quite well known that CSMs or CSEs (Customer Success Engineers) have strong soft skills: patience, empathy, emotional intelligence, reading body language, etc. In a way, that means that “anyone” […]

5 Qualities of Crap Customer Success Managers

Had a thought the other day about what sort of people would make decent Customer Success Managers. Looking in Google showed that there were quite a few articles about it. Not wanting to write another “me too” blog, I flipped the idea on its head. This blog post is going to be all about five […]