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What Hard Skills Should Customer Success Managers Have?

A question I don’t hear very often – but is still quite valid – is what hard skills should a Customer Success Manager have? It’s generally quite well known that CSMs or CSEs (Customer Success Engineers) have strong soft skills: patience, empathy, emotional intelligence, reading body language, etc. In a way, that means that “anyone” […]

5 Qualities of Crap Customer Success Managers

Had a thought the other day about what sort of people would make decent Customer Success Managers. Looking in Google showed that there were quite a few articles about it. Not wanting to write another “me too” blog, I flipped the idea on its head. This blog post is going to be all about five […]

What Sort of Career Path can a Customer Success Manager Take?

You’re thinking ahead about your future career in tech. You’re already settled on being a Customer Success Manager. You have the skills and enjoy working with people. But hold on. What about what happens a few years in? What does the pathway look like after you’ve demonstrated that you’re good at what you do? That’s […]

How to be a Customer Success Manager for SaaS Companies

Software-as-a-Service, also known as SaaS, is the use of a digital product to solve real, everyday problems. Less about your Instagrams, TikToks and Facebooks (although they are there to solve the “problem” of boredom and discovery) and more about Xero, AirBnB and Tableau. The problems that SaaSes solve tend to be more complex and while […]

How to Work From Home as a Customer Success Manager

It was February 2020 when I made the leap to a Customer Success Manager role in a tech start up. I’d been searching for a few months for a role and was excited to start. Little did I know that a couple months later, COVID-19 would be rearing its ugly head, confining millions of Australians […]

Can You Earn 60K as a Customer Success Manager?

At the time of writing this (July 2022), inflation’s going a bit crazy all around the world. The cost of basics and necessities are through the roof, meaning that it’s a lot harder to make ends meet, let alone have a bit extra at the end of the paycheck to spoil yourself. If you’re trying […]

Is Being a Customer Success Manager Stressful?

So I thought I’d change up articles today and answer other questions about not what a Customer Success Manager does, but more so how it is being one. Looking in Google and starting the search with, “is Customer Success Manager…” and looking and what gets autofilled, “stressful” is one of the first few. So I […]

How to Become an Entry Level Customer Success Manager

While Customer Success Management is generally a job that benefits from experience, this doesn’t mean that it’s absolutely necessary. In fact, one of my colleagues at a Series B scale-up is a CSM. It was his first job out of university. In a one-on-one, he shared some details with me as how he got into […]

Why Should I Become a Customer Success Manager?

If you’re reading through this blog, there’s a good chance that you’re doing so because you’re interested in becoming a Customer Success Manager. You’ve been on LinkedIn, Seek, and all the job boards and seen that there’s a lot of hiring going on right now in 2022 as tech companies look for people who […]

What Does a Day In the Life of a CSM Look Like?

I’ve been in customer success for a fair few years now, cutting my teeth in customer service before making the leap. If you like variety, but also having measurable ways to track your own growth and success, a career in customer success might be right for you. Before you make the leap, you might be […]