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Can you Become a Customer Success Manager in the APAC Region?

Wherever there are complex problems, there are also likely to be people trying to solve them. It’s possible that they would use software to solve these problems too. While the United States has the largest number of SaaS companies, there are regions that growing. In today’s blog post, I want to cover the region that […]

15 Customer Success Manager Questions to ask Interviewer

“Have you got any questions for me?” You’ve come to the end of your customer success manager interview. For the most part, you think you’ve done OK. But the damned interviewer has asked that innocent question. You freeze… then relax. Because you will have read this blog post (maybe even printed it off!) and have […]

What’s the Role of a Customer Success Manager?

A Customer Success Manager plays an integral role, particular in technology companies. While the role itself only started coming into its own in the last 20 to 25 years, there’s always been a need for Customer Success Management where Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the main product sold. In this blog, we’ll see why it’s such an […]

Customer Success Manager – 30-60-90 Day Plan Template

Today, I’ll share with you a useful document that I’ve created in the past to help me get to the next stage of Customer Success Manager interviews. Some comments I’ve received about this document are: “Color me impressed!” – a recruiter hiring for a marketing AI tech platform “I haven’t had a CSM candidate go […]

Day-to-day in A Customer Success Manager’s Life

You’re looking to get out of your current job and want to try moving into tech. Customer Success Management is a role that allows you to carry your existing soft skills (and any tech related hard skills) across to support businesses trying to build a Software-as-a-Service. You’ve ready plenty of PDs or JDs and are […]

Responsibilities of a Customer Success Manager

You’ve been looking to get out of your dead-end job and into a path with a bit more promise. One of those possibilities that’s within reach is as a Customer Success Manager in SaaS tech. Maybe you’ve looked at a few job ads, opened up a few position descriptions and can see a few similarities […]

Challenges of a Customer Success Manager

I talk a lot about becoming a Customer Success Manager in this blog. However, this doesn’t mean that the role is without its challenges. There are definitely hard days, maybe even days where you might question whether it’s the right role for you. I thought that in this week’s article, I might share some common […]

Customer Success Manager vs. Technical Account Manager – What’s the Difference?

I’ve done quite a few comparison posts, looking at Customer Success Manager vs. other seemingly similar positions; this might be the last one for a while. On your job search, you might have seen a few roles that have asked for Technical Account Managers and clicked into them. The JDs had quite a bit of […]

Customer Success Manager vs Customer Service Manager – What’s the Difference?

This particular comparison between Customer Success Manager and another similar role is close to my heart. This is because my foray into Customer Success started with me “transitioning” from a Customer/Client Service role into CS. I use big, fat talking marks because I never felt that I transitioned, as I was already working in software, […]